Cataract is the leading cause for blindness but there are many advancements in the cataract surgery since its inception. Several changes have taken place in the past years but the most important evolution of cataract surgery is centered on the technological advancements of intraocular lenses i.e.; IOLs.

There are now options to undergo the procedure without use of the manual blades which is known as bladeless laser cataract surgery and is ideal for patients undergoing astigmatism correction at the time of surgery.

  • Monofocal Lens:
    Monofocal lens was the first lens to be implanted lens which would deliver corrected vision for only ONE focal point i.e.; near, intermediate or distance vision. This lens is still mostly used today and is the only lens that is fully-covered by medical insurance companies for the use in cataract surgery.
  • Premium IOLs:
    There is a category of lenses called premium IOLs in addition to monofocal lenses. These lenses provide better visual outcomes including correcting astigmatism while also providing multiple focal points or an extended range of vision.
  • More visual options with a new lens:
    The new EDOF: Extended Depth of focus lenses and TRIFOCAL lenses aim to provide even better visual outcomes. Benefits include:
    A. Sharper vision
    B. Smoother transition between near
    C. Intermediate and distance vision
    D. Low visual complaints
    This is the latest method to operate a cataract and is the best method to do so as well. .It uses no blasé is ultra precise and the most important steps of the surgery are performed by the laser system rather than manual
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