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Have you heard about SMILE?
Let’s give you a hint, it’s not your facial expression but it’s a surgery which stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE), and is a bladeless procedure which is minimally invasive. SMILE eye surgery is suitable for people with or without astigmatism, and it can be a great alternative to the more well-known LASIK treatments.

It is a unique treatment with the proper procedure which includes:

  • Your doctor will give anesthetic eye drops to numb the eye and ensures for the painless treatment.
  • Carl Zeiss Visu Max laser is used to place a number of pulses on the cornea’s centre with extraordinary precision.
  • The pulses from the laser then create tiny bubbles, approximately less than one-hundredth of the width of a human hair. The bubbles create the outline for the tissue that needs to be removed.
  • The laser creates a small connecting tunnel which allows the doctor to draw out the tissue, therefore changing the shape of the cornea to improve your vision.
  • The whole procedure is completed in less than 15 minutes for both eyes, with the laser only being used for a small proportion of this time.
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